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starshrine said: your art is so beautiful how did you improve your art. what did you study and how often did you draw, etc??

Thanks a lot. Basically my story is: I graduated from art school with an illustration degree and have generally been in a rut looking for art-related work (or any kind of work for that matter). I figured it’d be easier considering I was an assistant artist for the last volume of the Scott Pilgrim series but I’ve admittedly kinda fumbled that momentum I had going for me. For the past year I’ve basically taken into consideration all the comments and criticisms from the jobs I’ve been rejected from and have been applying that to my work.

I also took my art portfolio to a review at the San Diego Comic Con and the editors and other people over there and applied their comments and criticisms as well.

As for actual process, basically what I do is that I try to emulate my references (generally the work of Gainax and Studio Trigger artists and artists on Pixiv) as closely as possible.

Last year I was basically trying to grasp line width. When you work with just black and white lines, you begin to learn that if you’re doing working with only two colors (black and white), it can be extremely hard to read. So to avoid that issue, I’ve learned that drawing thicker lines on things closer to the viewer’s eye

This year, I’ve been working on the overall cleanliness/visual consistency of my work, just getting into a habit of ensuring that I keep my usual messy style under control. I kinda grew up admiring the work of artists like Ashley Wood but its kinda worked to my detriment in a lot of cases.

I’ve also been trying to work on my color palette and ensuring that not only do my colors contrast correctly, but also that they help to reflect the overall mood of a piece. For instance, if the environment of your work has a fire somewhere in the background, it’s better to use warm/hot colors, etc.

Also for the purposes of study, don’t be afraid to trace work. It’ll help you learn value and exercise your hand to drawing a certain path. Just make sure not to sell that piece of work as a commission.

My last word of advice if you go to art school: go to one that’s very renown (i.e. not the Art Institute or Platt College), there’s a better chance of you getting into contact with somebody who knows people in your particular industry.

Sorry for the novel, but feel free to send me anymore questions, I’m always happy to help.

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Are you a bad enough dude to take on the angry naked dwarf?


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"As I expected, I've seen a division of Scott/Rammy and Scott/Kim shippers. While I usually don't 'ship', I'd rather just watch the story evolve as the artist intends. This particularly story has really led to me to hope to see Scott end up with Ramona and Kim. Ramona and Kim both seem infatuated with him, and have grown close to each other, and I personally think its high time someone made a point that monogamy is not the only choice.

I don't know how likely it is, but this is the one story that seems to have traveled a path where this could be a serious consideration. Scott and Rammy have broken quite a few relationship taboos and the story in general is unique."

~ Ryuka-Tan, RIP Great Man, you will always be remembered


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