i like to make a silent takedown

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Hello! My name is Aaron Ancheta. This is a picture of my loving family:

I am open for commissions.

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"As I expected, I've seen a division of Scott/Rammy and Scott/Kim shippers. While I usually don't 'ship', I'd rather just watch the story evolve as the artist intends. This particularly story has really led to me to hope to see Scott end up with Ramona and Kim. Ramona and Kim both seem infatuated with him, and have grown close to each other, and I personally think its high time someone made a point that monogamy is not the only choice.

I don't know how likely it is, but this is the one story that seems to have traveled a path where this could be a serious consideration. Scott and Rammy have broken quite a few relationship taboos and the story in general is unique."

~ Ryuka-Tan, RIP Great Man, you will always be remembered


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